The Story Of Daniel


Daniel James Ware Mackin is making a movie about his life. He’s only 12, but the whole story of how he came to be, and his life with his Dad, and Pop, and Mom is pretty interesting. And the documentary will also help fulfill a requirement as his English project for the 7th grade at Calhoun.

Interviews with extended family and friends reveal the complicated emotional bonds that go into his family and any family, truth be told.

As his story is told, a story of love and pain, the joys and the tragedies of being part of a very human family are recorded for all to see.



Ric Warren’s scarred face is testament to his desire to live and the viciousness of his attacker. Now putting his life back together, Ric becomes the obsession of an artist who paints people with scars, and his attacker has returned to finish what he started.

The Oracle Of Jerald’s Bay


Carter Johns can tell you about your past and your future by simply touching your hand. When new people moved to Jerald’s Bay the community must find a way to protect him from one who would expose him to the world.



Marty Weeks carries messages from the dead to the living. But, when a murdered man wants to give a message to his brother, delivering it may get both Marty and the brother killed.

Salvador Dali Skies


Pete Stone returns to his hometown at the request of his childhood sweetheart, Liz. Together they take a journey, each seeking love that may never have existed.

My Brother’s Keeper


Dan Kosinski is a good man. He works as a cop and takes care of his disabled father. When his much loved brother returns home, a deadly crime spree begins, and sets the two brothers on a collision course that will destroy the family.

Practical Love

romantic comedy

Paul Davis has no idea the complications that will come of towing Terry Marks’s car into his shop to be fixed. She’s beautiful, single, and a topless dancer. Paul’s three teenage brothers think she’s the perfect woman for him, so they conspire to keep her in town until she and Paul can fall in love.

Anatole’s Farm


John Wiler loves Marty Denaught, teaching high school science, and ice hockey – in that order. But his love of Marty has him living in the alien world of rural Louisiana. One night in pursuit of his third love, he goes to a local bar to watch a hockey game. There he meets a lawyer who later turns up murdered. Now everyone wants to know exactly what John and the lawyer talked about, and someone is willing to kill to get the information.

Brothers In Blue


A serial killer is murdering cops, and Joe Millen is trying to stop it. Big problem – his newest detective is exactly the type who’s getting killed, and their only leads point to a dead cop and his barely-living alcoholic partner.

Dangerous To Know


Eddie Trask and his cousin Stu have always managed to find trouble. When they stumble upon a murder in progress, though, it’s bigger trouble than they can imagine. A trail of murders eventually leads to a squadron of hijacked military helicopters holding a university campus hostage. And Eddie finds himself being a hero, a role no one, including Eddie, ever thought he’d fill.

Baker’s Dozen


Thirty years ago something took place in a genetics lab that one of the scientists called “a miracle” in his notes. Now Dr. Rachel Danner and Adam, the son of the head of the Baker’s Dozen project, must find twelve identical men before a government agency does, or the miracle will be destroyed.

Power In The Blood


When Ranger Hardgrove finds a boy who bleeds like Christ on the cross, he knows he’s got a cash cow on his hands. With the help of a minister, Howard Peal, Ezekiel begins to win followers among the Pentecostals of North Florida. But as the ministry builds, Ezekiel may be dying, and Howard and Ranger must decide what actions to take.

Go Home, Dave!


Dave’s newspaper column must become upbeat and popular – now. So when Matt’s love life becomes very interesting, Dave borrows it. It saves his job, but changes everything in his life.

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