Sarah BewleyI am a Florida mystery novelist, playwright, and screenwriter who has had many “firsts.” I was the first woman to ever win the McClaren Comedy Prize at the Midland Community Theater in Midland, Texas. I was the first to ever win the Dayton Playhouse FutureFest new plays competition with a play that only received a staged reading, and the first playwright to ever be asked to be the “Playwright in Residence” at the Alliance Repertory Company.

In 2012 I won the William F. Deeck-Malice Domestic 2012 Grant for Unpublished writers for my work in progress, FLORIDA IS BURNING.

That novel is being rewritten, as I finally figured out what I think is wrong with it! Once I finish it, I have begun work on the follow-up novel FLORIDA IS FROZEN, so I’ll complete it. I’m focusing my freelance time on novels.

I write, I teach, I do editing and proofreading, and I climb rock walls (not at all gracefully, but strongly). I have a big red dog named Rosie who is perpetually in need of a bath. I was born young, grew old very quickly, then entered into my second childhood which I found far more satisfying than my first. Also safer. I’ve written plays that have been produced in many theaters in the USA and in Australia. I share my life with Patrick Payne, a visual artist, who likes things that burn and explode, knives that are too sharp, and who makes art that literally made the State of Florida threaten to close a gallery. It’s never dull in my world.

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