Release July 30, 2024

I-75 and I-95 have been closed to traffic from the Georgia line south into Florida. It’s the week before Christmas and Sheriff Jim Sheppard finds himself stretching his deputies too thin again. This time covering the roads through Eden County which are being traveled by people who are insistent on getting into Florida, despite the closing of the interstates.

Why are the interstates closed? Because the roads are frozen over. With temperatures into the 20s all over North Florida, all the roads are covered in a layer of ice. Since Florida doesn’t normally have frozen roads, there is no sand, no salt, nothing to treat the roads with at all to make them safer.

The State Police’s solution is to close the interstates – sending all the people trying to get to South Florida to the secondary roads through North Florida.

As Jim and Dee Jackson are driving into Warren they see that someone has broken into the Department of transportation shed. When they check it out, they find Bailey Braden nearly frozen to death, kneeling on the concrete floor, cradling the head of a young black woman who had been shot. She is dead – and he may be soon if they don’t get him into town immediately and get him treated for hypothermia.

Thus begins the mystery of FROZEN EDEN.

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