Nope, not writing about the 4th.

I have to say that I’m a wee bit tired of American politics right now. Racism masquerading as conservative viewpoint doesn’t fly with me. So I’m tuning it out. (Though still occasionally posting the notices of the worst of it. Can’t help myself.)

Nope, I think today I shall write about attempting to come to terms with my body deciding it won’t do some things.

Just yesterday I coughed while brushing my teeth, and essentially found myself partially crippled for the day. Today is better, I can walk and sit, though it hurts a bit. Still can’t bend over, so things I drop are just staying on the floor.

I haven’t had this problem EVER. So it makes me even more sympathetic (and now a bit empathetic) to my friends with mobility problems. EGADS this sucks.

I’ve been fortunate. I have been a runner, and then a climber, and my body is pretty strong. I went from below normal bone density at 30 to excellent bone density at 62. Nicely in the normal range.

My body has been damned durable. But then yesterday I was painfully reminded that it may not always be this way.

Let me say now, dear friends, this is SO not fun. (As a friend used to say.)

I don’t want to be one of those frail old people. I have been working hard to NOT be one. But I have been reminded that sometimes it’s not our choice. Shit happens, and we find ourselves in pain and unable to do something that seems just too damn simple to not do.

What’s my lesson from this?

Work harder. Don’t be an asshole to those who can’t. And prepare to deal with the fact that some day, if I live long enough, it’s probably going to happen that I can’t do physically.

And I do plan to live that long. I insist upon being a pain in the ass to generations to come. It’s my way.

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