I want to be Captain America

I know this sounds silly. After all, he’s a super hero, male, blah, blah, blah. But I’m not talking about the super hero. I’m talking about his heart. I want to be what Captain America/Steven Rogers is in his heart.

Even as a 5’4″ asthmatic man he fought for what was right. He had a moral compass SO strong he would stand up to any bully, and keep getting back up no matter how hard he was hit.

That’s what I want to be.

So this has nothing to do with gender. Nothing to do with super powers (though super healing would be great at my age). Nothing to do with being built like a brick shit house (and Lord, Chris Evans is and I will never, ever complain about that).

This has to do with having a heart that believes so strongly in what is right that it refuses to lie down and quit.

I saw the first Captain America movie an I realized this was someone (though fictional) that I could admire. In Captain America The Winter Soldier when he said that living in fear was adverse to living in freedom, I was in love. Now looking at the previews of Captain America Civil War I realize that I would be right there fighting beside him. Because the illusion of control (which is what Iron Man is fighting for), is only giving in to fear.

As I look at our world, I see people use fear to control people. Politicians incite violence, bigotry and hate as a way to keep the status quo for themselves and their rich compatriots. Gun makers are wealthy. Children are taught to harass and shame anyone who is different. Religion is used as  a weapon to justify suppression and death.

This is that illusion that fear is the way to live. It applauds bullies and endorses bigotry.

I, for one, will not lie down and accept this. I will live without fear, and I will protect the weak, and I will fight for what I believe is moral.

So bullies and bigots, be warned. I may not be Captain America, but I am here and I will not be made afraid.

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